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Mental Health Services

Mental Health Counseling 

Providers offer one-on-one counseling and couples/intimate partner counseling. Our counselors operate from a feminist lens and are kink & poly/open affirming. We welcome you to come as you are


Common therapeutic concerns include:

  • Managing and reducing depressive and anxious symptoms

  • Increasing confidence in decision making

  • Building self-esteem and creating a more loving relationship with your body

  • Rebuilding after trauma

  • Evaluating your relationship with substances 

  • Support following grief and loss

  • Understanding your wants & needs, and strengthening communication around intimacy 

  • Coping with familial stress or major life changes

  • Navigating transition and exploring gender expression

  • Seeking support for stressors related to oppression around LGBTQ and/or racial identities

Counseling is offered in person at our Madison office, as well as via video telehealth throughout the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota

While there are numerous benefits to receiving care via telehealth or phone, there are also risks that include interruptions, unauthorized access, and technical difficulties. Please speak with your provider to learn if this is a good option for your care.

Gender & Sexual Identity Support


We offer Assessments & Letters for Gender Affirming Surgeries

We provide one-on-one support for transgender people and their loved ones. Gender affirmation support includes topics such as:

  • Coming out

  • Sexuality and sexual expression

  • Navigating systems: schools, churches, employers, etc.

  • Support for name changes and legal document changes

  • Creating healthy intimate relationships

  • Building coping strategies and self-esteem

  • Supporting trans loved ones

  • Self-expression

We do not believe a person should be required to get a letter from a mental health provider to access medically necessary care. However, many medical providers and insurers still require this. We will provide assessments for letters that meet the WPATH Standards of Care as long as this is necessary to support trans and non-binary folx in getting the care they need. Please schedule an assessment if you need a:

  • Letter for gender affirmation hormones

  • Letter for gender affirmation surgery

  • Secondary letter for bottom surgery 

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