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Merchandise featuring designs by Kazuki Anderson (they/them)“When I was coming up with ideas for ‘Trans For a Living’ I thought about all the ways that we live and navigate as trans folks in abstract - wild, proliferous, beautiful, treasured, and abundant. I selected identifiable Wisconsin flora to signify these concepts and express that we are all unique in what we have to offer to our community. Wildflowers surprise us in the way that they appear in unexpected places that place difficulty on their ability to flourish- but there are many of us, always sprouting, growing and offering our beauty. 

 The font I designed for ‘No Cis Nonsense’ as well as ‘Trans for a Living’ is hand-lettered and illustrated from scratch."  - Kazuki is a trans artist who grew up in Wisconsin. They have a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. You can reach them at:

Support Our Cause

The Center for Community Healing offers bi-annaul support groups for Trans and Non-Binary adults. These support groups are virtual so people throughout the States of Wisconsin & Minnesota can participate -  and include an annual group camping experience to support continued community building. Please consider donating to support members who have limited financial means in attending a 10-week support group 

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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