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Cis Services:

Helping Allies Become Accomplices 

The Center for Community Healing will soon begin offering services for Cisgender Parents & Allies 

Please check back soon


Cis Services at the Center for Community Healing are specifically designed for friends, family, and loved ones of trans and non-binary people. Cis services are offered by clinicians identifying as cisgender who act in solidarity with trans liberation. Services are offered in a variety of formats including individual and family psychoeducational and counseling sessions, a support group for parents of Trans and Non-Binary youth, and workshops including “Love Letters to Trans Kids.” Our Cis Services are designed for those who are supportive and affirming of their loved one’s identities.

Individual and Family Counseling 


These 45-50 minute virtual sessions are designed to support friends, family, and loved ones of trans and non-binary people in individual or family meetings. Examples of ways loved ones may choose to use sessions may include:

  • Support for exploring your own feelings, hopes, and fears related to a child or partner's transition

  • Ideas for resources for additional support and education, including psychoeducation about pronouns and identities 

  • Learning how to be a better ally to your loved one

  • Learn how to distinguish and talk about the differences between sex assigned at birth, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation

  • Learning about Trans Joy and ways to support your loved one in connecting to their history and power

Best of all, you will be working with a cis identified clinician. Feel free to ask questions and work through biases or fears without focusing on the mistakes we all make while learning

Our Standard and Customary rate is $180 for 45-50 minute sessions 

Support Groups for Parents and Guardians of Trans and Non-Binary Youth

This virtual 10 week support group is designed for parents and guardians of Youth who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, genderqueer or any other personally meaningful term indicating your child is not cis. This 10 week virtual group is facilitated by a cis identified mental health clinician and the group focus will be on establishing positive connections and sharing resources with other parents and guardians. 

  • Group will take place over 10 consecutive weeks

  • Cost is $50 per group for a total of $500 for the series 

Dates and times are not yet set for our upcoming group. We are currently developing a waitlist for those interested in joining. Please email or call with any questions or to schedule a group screening:

Shannon Juniper Neimeko

(608) 520-0461

Love Letters to Trans Kids Workshop: Coming Soon

The Center for Community Healing has invited clients and other supporters of Trans and Non-Binary youth to write open letters that share messages of love, care, and hope for those impacted by a growing onslaught in anti-trans legislation. In this 2 hour virtual workshop, participants will receive support from a facilitator in a small group format to process, explore, and put language to their thoughts and feelings and distill these into letters. This is also an opportunity to talk with others about strategies they are using to support loved ones. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to have their letters anonymously posted on the Center for Community Healing website where letters can be viewed by any member of the community who needs encouragement and support.

This workshop will be capped at 10 participants per group. Cost per 2 hour workshop is $100 per group with an optional donation to subsidize workshop participation for Trans and Non-Binary participants. While facilitated by a mental health provider, this is a supportive and not a therapeutic service. As a workshop, this offering is available to participants nation wide


This workshop offers sections that operate as affinity groups for Trans and Non-Binary participants and are only open to participants who do not identity as cis.

Please contact Shannon to be notified when these offerings go live 

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