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Love Letters to Trans Kids

workshops starting soon!


Love Letters to Trans Kids Workshops : Coming Soon

The Center for Community Healing has invited clients and other supporters of Trans and Non-Binary youth to write open letters that share messages of love, care, and hope for those impacted by a growing onslaught in anti-trans legislation. In this 2 hour virtual workshop, participants will receive support from a facilitator in a small group format to process, explore, and put language to their thoughts and feelings and distill these into letters. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to have their letters anonymously posted on the Center for Community Healing website where letters can be viewed by any member of the community who needs encouragement and support. 

This workshop will be capped at 10 participants per group. Cost per 2 hour workshop is $100 per group with an optional donation to subsidize workshop participation for Trans and Non-Binary participants. 


This workshop offers sections that operate as affinity groups for Trans and Non-Binary participants and are only open to participants who do not identity as cis. These workshops will be available at the reduced cost of $50 per 2 hour workshop

Please contact Shannon to be notified when these offerings go live 


Clients and friends of The Center for Community Healing have written the following letters to share with trans and non-binary youth. There are so many of us who are thinking about you during these incredibly scary times when your lives, medical care, mental health and futures are threatened. Trans and non-binary adults are with you. We love you. We need you. Please hang in there long enough to be be a part of the beautiful things we will build together. 

You are pure magic.
You deserve to be surrounded by people who believe in you.

You are precious.
You deserve safety, always.

You are brilliant.
You deserve a life free of shame about who you are.

You are wise.
You deserve to be taken seriously.

You are infinite.
You deserve friends and family who celebrate you as you change and grow.

You are unique, and you will always be changing!
You do not have to have everything figured out all at once!

It’s okay to have complicated feelings, and it’s okay if you don’t know how to talk about everything that you’re experiencing. Sometimes there’s a lot of different things going on all at once, and we can’t find the words to describe it all. You deserve patience and support every step of the way, even when you aren’t sure where you’re going.

If you ever need to be reminded of how powerful and special you are, you can think about your blood. The iron in your blood (the element that makes your blood red) was created in the very center of stars a long, long time before the Earth formed. All the water in your blood and the rest of your body has been in the ocean, at the tops of mountain streams, deep in the hearts of trees in rainforests, and in clouds. Your heart literally holds the entire world inside. Your life brings so many different pieces of the universe together for the very first time.

You belong here. You deserve to exist. Your life is a gift to everyone around you. There are so many
people on the planet right now who are already so excited to meet you someday. We want to hear your story, and thank you in person for being so brave and creative and honest with your life.

We love you dearly.

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